Power down your tech addiction (and save!)
Technology can zap your cash if you're not careful. Find out how to  enjoy tech without spending all your money.  [listen]

Tweet For College Wrap Up: 2017
We recap our biggest social media contest of the year, Tweet For College! Hear the winning tweets, and find out how you might win a scholarship next year.  [listen]

Don’t let restaurants devour your cash!
Fact: food is awesome... but it's also expensive. Learn how to keep eating at your favorite restaurants without making your wallet sad.  [listen]

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Pay yourself first
Every time you get paid, plan to put a little bit of money aside before you start spending. When you do this and Pay Yourself First, youll find its easy to save money.  [watch]

Needs and wants
How you spend money will have a huge impact on your life. The first place to start is understanding the difference between the things you need and things you want.  [watch]

Stretching your money
Is your money buring a hole in your pockets? We have a few simple tips to help you stretch your money and make saving a regular part of your life  [watch]

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Identity Theft Quiz
Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year—young and old alike. To keep yourself safe, it pays to know the facts about ID Theft. Take the Identity Theft Quiz.    [go]

Credit IQ
Maintaining a financially healthy credit history is the key to future success. See if you have what it takes to manage your credit. Take the Credit IQ Test.    [go]

Checking Account Challenge
How well do you know checking accounts? Take the Checking Account Challenge and see for yourself: Take the Challenge.    [go]

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