//Driving a Car Costs How Much??

According to a report by the Automobile Association of America, the average cost to own a car is $8,876 a year.

So why is it so expensive to drive today?


The price of gas can make a big difference in how much you’ll pay to drive. Fortunately, gas prices today are at a reasonable rate. Your gas bill will also depend on how many miles you drive.


If you’re under 25 years old, you can expect to pay high rates for car insurance ($1,000+ per year). Look for companies that offer student discounts for good grades or if you complete a safety program.


Whether it’s money to change your oil, fix a flat tire, or to buy new windshield wipers, there is almost always a repairwaiting to be made. Be prepared to pay.


Every year, you need to pay a fee to update your vehicle registration. The costs vary on the age of your car,as well as the state that you live in.

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