//Opening A Checking Account

Your checking account comes with responsibilities
You may find it’s time for you to have your own checking account when you have your own bills to pay and make many of your own purchases.  If you think you’re... [read more]

The Art of Balancing your Checkbook
Maintaining a checking account is basic for financial management. It requires that you keep track of everything you buy, as well as your transactions. You do this by recording... [read more]

Keeping Your Account Safe
There’s more to being a responsible account holder than keeping track of your money.  You should also take steps to protect your account from counterfeiting, fraud and... [read more]

Checking Anatomy 101
Writing a check is still the most common way to use your money to buy stuff. If you’ve never written a check before, the whole thing might seem a bit confusing. Don’t... [read more]

Simple Steps to Debit Card Safety
Millions of Americans use ATM/debit cards everyday to make purchases. While a majority of these transactions are completed without any problems, it’s smart to protect your... [read more]