//The business of selling your art

Are you wrapped up in the written word? Passionate about painting? Fired up for photography? Depending on your skill set, you can use your creative passion to earn extra income (or even a career one day). However, making money from your art sometimes comes at a price.

Here’s a heads up on common costs for young creative entrepreneurs:

  • Service fees
    Online marketplaces like Etsy let designers, photographers and others sell their items. But many websites charge sellers a fee for using their service, as well as a fee for every transaction. Consider these costs when setting the price for your art.
  • Contest submission fees
    If you’re submitting your artwork, poem or other creative piece to a contest, watch out for submission fees. Is the up-front cost worth it, even if you don’t win?
  • Professional Fees
    Be wary of any agent or talent scout that promises to make you rich in exchange for a big fee. Real professionals won’t demand payment up front.

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