//Top Ten Money Tips for Students

Check out these tips to learn what you can do to save money everyday:

  • Be careful with credit cards — Only use credit cards to buy things you know you can pay back. Pay off your balances in full and on time.
  • Start a savings plan — By regularly putting away a little bit at a time, you’ll always have money saved.
  • Create an entertainment budget — If money slips through your fingers, set a limit and stick to it. Include things like music, movies and games.
  • Shop at second-hand stores — Check out cool vintage stores or surf eBay for great prices on used items like books, clothes and electronics.
  • Apply for scholarships — Each year, billions of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students across the country. Start looking today!
  • Save money on gas — Walk or ride a bike. It’s cheaper and will help you stay healthy.
  • Avoid “lazy” fees — Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
  • Don’t forget student discounts — Look in your school’s newspaper or use Google to find available student discounts.
  • Pack a lunch or cook at home — Eating out too much can drain your account … and add extra (unhealthy) pounds.
  • Come to the credit union for all your financial needs — We offer great ways to save money on the financial services you need such as ATM access, online banking, car loans, credit cards and more!

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