//Does this Credit Card Make Me Look Fat?

An article posted on bankrate.com claims that people who use credit cards at fast food restaurants actually buy 30% more food. WHAT???

Once upon a time, people would only go to fast food restaurants if they had cash, or if an ATM was nearby. If you didn’t have cash, you’d probably just go home and make something to eat. Today, fast food restaurants accept debit and credit cards, making it real easy to pick up food-on-the-go. It’s even easier to “upsize” your meal, adding extra calories and fat grams.

So what does this all mean? Next time you’re out of the house and hungry, decide what’s best for your health and wallet. If you’re absolutely craving a cheeseburger, then go for it. But if you can wait and make something at home, you’ll be able to skip the extra calories—and even save a little money at the same time.

"The average up-sized fast food meal adds 73 more calories, costs an extra 67 cents and results in an average 36-gram (0.07 pounds) weight gain."

source: Bankrate.com

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