What can you do with little or no money? Plenty! You don’t always need money to have fun. Try these tips to have fun - on a budget:

Free Concerts
Look out for up-and-coming bands playing free shows at local record stores and coffee houses. This is a great way to catch bands passing through your town. For example, Amoeba Records (located in Hollywood, San Francisco and Berkeley) features free in-store concerts almost every day.

Cheap Movies
This one’s a no-brainer: use your student discount. Take your student ID anytime you go to the movies (or anywhere offering a student discount). Whenever possible, bring your own snacks. Another idea is to find a discount movie theatre that shows movies just about to hit video. You might be able to see a movie you missed a few months ago.

Local Theatre
If you’re a fan of performing arts, check out your local theatre group, or better yet, join them! Who knows, you might land the starring role.

Direct a Movie
If you’re handy with the video camera and editing software, why not film your own movie? Post it online, promote it to your friends and see what happens. You might be the next YouTube sensation.

Learn to Play an Instrument
Have you mastered Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Why not try the real thing? Pick up a used guitar or drums and start learning to play. Maybe by next year you can be on tour with your own band.

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