Shopping can be fun, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to make your money disappear. The key is to become a smart shopper. Not only will your cash last longer, but you’ll feel better about spending less money. Here are our smart shopping tips:

  1. Make a list. Write down what you need BEFORE you go shopping. There’s a big difference between what you need and what you want. When you start shopping, stay focused on the things you need.
  2. Don’t fall for sales tricks. Have you ever wondered why there’s so much stuff to buy near cash registers? Stores are trying to squeeze every last penny out of your wallet before you leave their store. Avoid the temptation of the “impulse” buy (yes, that includes that Twilight lip balm!).
  3. Compare prices. Not all stores are created equal. Before you spend your money, check to see what other stores are charging for the same thing. You may find a sale or a better deal. Don’t forget outlet stores for closeouts and rock-bottom prices.
  4. Keep your options open. Save your receipts just in case you change your mind. Don’t remove the tags for at least a day. Who knows, once you get home you might realize that your friends talked you into buying a shirt you really didn’t like.


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