Do I want this stuff? Do I need this stuff? Should I support this stuff? With all the STUFF out there, it's easy to get confused about the ins and outs of managing your money. Here are three smart ways to manage money whether your 16 or 76!

Save for Stuff!
Instead of buying a little item you may not need, save your money for what you really want. Start with a small goal and work your way up to something bigger.

Spend Stuff!
If you do decide to buy anything, make sure you check prices online and always ask about price matching. Don't be afraid to buy things second hand or used from secure and verifiable websites. Also, know before you go out how much you want to spend to keep from using all your money on something you do not need.

Share your Stuff!
Do your research before you decide to support a cause with your money. Starting good habits of giving to charities and causes now builds up character and good habits for the future. Running low on cash? Don't worry, many companies also need volunteers for tasks you can do that will look good when applying for college or jobs in the future.

Our range of services allows you to manage your money your way.

GAIN Student Share Savings
With $5.00, you can become an owner of the credit union! Start off saving right with a special dividend rate just for you.

GAIN Student Checking
Perfect for students, our checking offers no minimum balance, no monthly fee and a free VISA checkcard that lets you access your money when you need it.

ATM Card/Visa Checkcard
These are free with your savings and checking accounts. Your card can be used surcharge free at over 28,000 locations, including most 7-Elevens and WaWa’s. Convenience is right around the corner, literally! Also, using your Visa checkcard in the store is easy as 1-2-3. Show your identification, swipe, sign and your off to have more fun with friends!

Direct Deposit
Some banks make you pay to receive your own money electronically! At PortAlliance, our direct deposit is absolutely FREE of charge. Receive your money and skip the trip to the bank! Instead of a paper check, your money will go right into your bank account electronically and be fully available to you through your ATM card, VISA checkcard or by coming in to one of our branches.

Online Banking and Bill Pay
Free convenient services that allow you to access your account balances and history 24/7 from any computer or smartphone through WebPort, our secure online banking system.

Comet Branch
With Norfolk's first student-run credit union opened inside Granby High School and more to come, access your funds if you are a Granby High School Student during your lunch bell. Hours are posted at Comet Branch.

Service Centers and Shared Branches
Over 4,000 partner branches to choose from nationwide, you can keep your account through relocation to college or work. These are branches that are available for members of all credit unions to use. Just use your identification and account number and you can access your funds! Find the branch closest to you by logging onto www.cuservicecenter.com today.